What is Cloud Computing And Why is it Necessary For Your Business

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Cloud computing solutions deal with the SAAS terminology. Cloud computing follows the client server model but it is completely different from the LAN. One surely needs a software as service. In case of the LAN, one needs the client version of each application. As an example, if you are running a C++ RMI program then you need a client version of the C++ compiler on your computer as you are following LAN. However, in case of the cloud computing , it is not like that. You will be given a web browser and you can run the application through that browser, as the application is stored on the server. You can call it as a service through browsers protocols, which are exchanged when you send the request.

A series of computers will form a part of the cloud and you will thus enjoy the pay as you go for facility. Suppose you have a website and on some day, the demand increases. This means you will need to increase the download speed but if your website is stored on a single server then the request will not be entertained for all the users. In addition, when you will have lower demand then you will lose a lot of capability of your server. Thus in all the cases you are at loss. However, cloud computing can solve your problem. It can tackle a heavy demand by paying more and if the demand is less then you will have to pay less. Thus, you pay as you use it or you pay as you go. This is the main reasons why the cloud computing solutions have become so popular but not even a single company still can bet that they are using the cloud computing.

Amazon says that they are following it but they are just following the VPS. In order to take the advantage of the clouds, you need a smart phone, I-pad, tablet, or a simple desktop computer. Even the virtualization technologies are being using the concept of the cloud computing certainly. They implement it through the VM and the Vsphere, which acts as the server. In fact the concept of the virtualization is closely connected to the cloud computing.

Through clouds, you use the application on demand or the live on demand kind of strategies and there are so many cloud computing solutions that you can look at and it is certainly time as well as money saving as well as advantageous.

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What is Cloud Computing And Why is it Necessary For Your Business

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What is Cloud Computing And Why is it Necessary For Your Business

This article was published on 2011/08/30